The Zenith 12A57 and 12A58 were offered with three dial versions. The 1st. version used consisted of three panes of glass making up 2 Red bands, 2 Green bands, and the split second dial was in White. The 2nd. version dial was basically the same pattern as the 1st. except all of the information was printed on a single pane of glass in individual solid colors. 3rd version dial was exactly like the 2nd. version dial except most of the information was in White with only the dial scales in individual colors. All of the dials are etched and filled with colored pigment in order to give luminance and depth to the printed information, of the dial, when the dial is lit from the edges. These dials tend to be found broken from either attempts in the removal of the dial pointers or through the shipment of the radio and/or the chassis.